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Chronicle of Enhancement Releases » 4.00

The following is a list of enhancements incorporated in the MAS 90 and MAS 200 Level 4.00 release:

Global Enhancements

General Ledger Enhancements

Reporting Enhancements

Other Enhancements

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Global Enhancements
Business Insights Reporter - A Wizard-based Interface to Custom Reporting:

  • The Business Insights Reporter displays data in a logical tree view, which makes the data easier to locate. You can use one of the pre-defined views or define your own custom views of data.
  • You can specify report options each time the report is run.
  • Reports can be added to menus.
  • Reports can be edited using Crystal Reports.
  • Reports can be used to export data in a wide variety of formats including XML and Excel.

Simplified Data Export to Microsoft Excel:

  • The advanced lookup engine (ALE) can export the selected data to an Excel spreadsheet with the click of a button. Excel must be installed on the desktop.

Greater Flexibility with Security:

  • Using role-based security, you can define various roles, such as “Supervisor” and “Data Entry”, that have different levels of access to programs. One or more of these roles can then be assigned to individual users.
  • Security is task-based, not menu-based, allowing it to be maintained regardless of how various tasks are executed.


General Ledger Enhancements
New User Interface Standards:

  • New grid entry provides faster and more flexible data entry.
  • New controls allow you to customize column widths, sort and hide fields, and undo unsaved changes.
  • All the windows have the new Windows XP look and feel with redesigned icons.
  • You can quickly access various features using the right-click menus and hyperlinks.

Improved Integration with Bank Reconciliation:

  • You can transfer funds between banks as a one-step transaction journal entry.

Redesigned Budget Maintenance:

  • The new Budget Maintenance window allows you to maintain unlimited budgets.
  • Only the budget you want to work with appears.
  • You can simultaneously edit budgets for multiple general ledger accounts.

Greater Power and Flexibility in Allocations:

  • Source Accounts may be Financial or Non-Financial accounts.
  • Automatic allocations may be run at any time for any period.
  • The new Basis allocation enables you to distribute the allocation amount from the source account based on values that are associated with other specified accounts.

New Company Setup Wizard for General Ledger :

  • The New Company Setup Wizard is available only for General Ledger in this release.
  • You can now easily set up a new company in MAS 90 or MAS 200 tailored to meet your specific business needs.
  • An optional pre-defined Chart of Accounts helps you get started on the right track.

Expanded Account Number and Structure:

  • You can format your account structure with up to 32 characters and 10 segments.
  • The expanded account number is compatible with all subsidiary MAS 90 modules.

Batch Manager:

  • Batch Manager tracks individual user batches and allows them to be private or shared.

Memo Manager:

  • You can establish, manage, and display memos for general ledger accounts using this company-wide memo management system.

Expanded Numeric Fields:

  • To accommodate larger transactions, the numeric masks in the General Ledger module is expanded to allow 999 million dollars within entry programs, 9 billion on the account level and 99 billion for reports.


Reporting Enhancements
Expanded Financial Statements:

  • You can easily set up Financial Statements with a wizard-based front end.
  • Quarter-To-Date Income Statements and the ability to define segment or roll-up codes for Income Statements are added.
  • You can specify whether to print account numbers, dollar signs, zero balances, and/or set a percentage mask.

FRx Desktop Version 6.5:

  • FRx Desktop version 6.5 is bundled with the purchase of the General Ledger module and replaces some of the more advanced features of Custom Financials.
  • FRx Desktop can drill back to source transactions in MAS 90.

Saved Report Settings in General Ledger:

  • You can set up pre-defined report selection options for each report, which decreases setup time and error in report generation.
  • You can define the settings as Public, Read-Only, or Private to ensure that they are modified by the appropriate users.


Other Enhancements
Greater Flexibility with User-Defined Fields (UDFs):

  • The enhanced UDFs are available only for General Ledger in this release.
  • You may define UDFs for any table and are not limited to single pre-defined entities.
  • UDFs reside in the actual data table (for example, GL_Account), not in a separate UDF table.
  • The source of the value of a UDF may be defined when the UDF is created, allowing you to specify default values or the source from which a UDF value is inherited.
  • UDFs can be defined to validate on User-Defined Table (UDT) key fields.
Enhanced Wide Area Network Support for MAS 200:
  • MAS 200 is compatible with firewalls that use Network Address Translation (NAT).
  • Traffic between the client and host may be optionally SSL encrypted to help ensure data security.
  • Client/server connection is enhanced to be more fault tolerant, resulting in fewer dropped connections.
New Version of Business Alerts:
  • You can send HTML-formatted e-mail.
  • Streamlined setup procedure simplifies configuration.
  • The user interface has been updated to be more intuitive.
  • All customers with a current maintenance plan will receive a Business Alerts Select Edition at no additional charge. This limited version of Business Alerts includes the following five alerts that demonstrate the product's power:
    • Accounts Payable – Invoice discount due
    • Accounts Receivable – Past due receivables over $1000.00
    • General Ledger – Account balance exceeds budget amount
    • Accounts Receivable – New customer welcome
    • Sales Order – Open orders over $2500.00


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